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The Problem

​The solar space is both crowded and competitive because of the massive growth the space has seen in the past few years causing a massive amount of new companies to pop up. The Green Gator Solar team has unparalleled customer service, a great product and is one of the few companies that guarantee a one day installation, but needed Astra Digital's help to boost revenue, traffic, and awareness profitably. Because they offer one of the lowest rates in the market, Green Gator Solar has less margins meaning they have to acquire customers for less than their competitors can which posed a bigger challenge. 

The Strategy

We decided to focus our marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. For Facebook & Instagram Ads, we targeted areas with high electricity bills and locations that were monopolized by one electric company. We focused on the fact that our client offered significant savings monthly on electric bills. 

We put together Cold Campaigns targeting new audiences who had never seen or heard of Green Gator Solar. Our clients were booking sales calls and generating inbound leads for $4.10 on average and ultimately captured a 22x return on ad spend. Once we added Warm & Hot campaigns targeting those who had engaged with Green Gator Solar but never booked a call, we saw the return on ad spend jump up to 51x, making this year the most profitable year our clients have had since launching. 

For Google Ads, we targeted locals searching for lower electricity bills, other electric companies or solar providers in their area. We offered free cost comparisons to these individuals and continued to generate in bound leads for our client resulting in a 27x return on ad spend. 

The Results

Within 3 months, we increased their overall revenue by 315x and we increased their profit by 161%. Within 8 months, Green Gator Solar had so many clients that they had to open another location, hire 15 more service technicians and began expanding into new areas.  

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