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The Problem

When UFC superstar and champion Tony Ferguson came to us, we knew we had to put together a hard hitting plan for his online store. was his official brand and they needed our expertise on the marketing side. While Tony had a huge audience and a lot of popularity, they needed a well-crafted strategy to maximize sales of his merchandise.

The Strategy

We did an in-depth deep dive to figure out two things. First, what makes Tony Ferguson and what makes his fans love him. Once we did that, we found out that the iconic quotes and actions from Tony during interviews and press conferences is the biggest draw for him. We began creating paid advertising campaigns utilizing memes with Tony, which began working exceptionally well and began generating massive revenue numbers for his brand.

The Results

Immediately after implementing this marketing strategy, we saw a huge boost in overall sales, AOV and profitability for Champ Shit Merch. Since, we have sold thousands of merchandise pieces profitably for Tony Ferguson and his brand. We also seen a big spike in overall engagement and traffic as well.

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